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Welcome to the site of APEC, the Amsterdam Private Equity Club!


APEC is an association formed in September 2002, in the framework of the Amstel Club, by Prof. Dr. Ir. Hans Wissema and Dr. Mr. Hans Hoegen Dijkhof, also at the initiative of Dr. Joop Adolfse, then Chairman of the Amstel Club, but in the meantime operating wholly independently from the Amstel Club. APEC is aimed at exchanging know-how and experience in Private Equity and studying Private Equity. Members are private investors, institutional investors, fund managers and advisors.  

Every month, except in July and August, an APEC Meeting takes place. In Hotel Sofitell Legend Hotel The Grand, Amsterdam.
During the Meeting, a hot topic in the field of Private Equity is treated by an expert. Usually this expert is an external  speaker. The APEC Meetings are preceded by an always animated cocktail reception and the Meetings are closed by a two course dinner.  

Annually, the APEC Gala Committee organises the prestigious APEC Award Gala. Next to APEC Members, also introduces are welcome, in sofar as places are still available. During the Gala, the APEC Award is granted to an APEC Award Winner, i.e. someone who, in the opinion of the expert and independent APEC Award Jury, is deemed to have made a meritorious contribution in the field of Private Equity and to have delivered an outstanding achievement.

APEC Meetings

APEC meetings are only accessible to APEC Members and their introduces and APEC Candidate Members - always the last Monday of the month (except in July and August).

  • Cocktails from 18:00
  • Start Meeting 18:45
  • Start Lecture 19:00
  • Start Dinner 20:00
  • Closing latest 22:00 

APEC Monkey's Den

Successful businesses practically always originate from a good idea and the great will to work and dedication of enthusiastic (starting) young entrepreneurs. The need for Private Equity and for strong guidance from a “Business Angel”, is quickly arising. A good offer of capital, know-how and experience is available to adequately fulfil this need, particularly within the circle of APEC Members.
The place where demand and offer of starting young entrepreneurs and APEC Angels can meet, therefore is the “APEC Monkey's Den” (a trade name of APEC). Starting and young businesses - particularly Technostarters - are offered the opportunity to present their businesses and business plans to an expert panel and possibly to an interested audience. The audience may - and will - ask very critical questions.
The objective is to enable young and starting businesses to attract capital, know-how and experience and to provide the opportunity thereto to private investors.

The APEC Monkey's Den takes place 3 times a year, from 2012, on the last Monday of March, the last Monday of June and the last Monday of September, in the Sofitel Legend Hotel The Grand, Amsterdam, from 16:00 to 17:30, always preceding the regular APEC meeting, starting at 18:00 and only accessible to APEC members and their introduces and to APEC candidate members. The APEC Monkey's Den is chaired by the well known APEC-Member Heiko de Boer.      

Amsterdam, October 28, 2011

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